Celtic Confederate – A Worthy Highlight

21 Dec

I just wanted to take the time to highlight and share with you a Confederate discovery we ran across today.  It is a band called Celtic Confederate; it only consists of one member at the time, but lacks absolutely nothing because of it. 

I first heard his song “He Becomes A Priest” today on Dixie Broadcasting and we looked up his MySpace page.  I cannot even begin to tell you how impressive his message, his music, and his voice is.  You must hear it for yourself.  After reading his page I feel like distant family. 

He has almost the same heritage as my husband and I, he looks up to the same people, and his love for Dixie and its heritage is massive.  The biggest difference I see is that he has always lived in his beloved Dixie and my husband and myself are currently stuck in the North. 

Off the subject a little, I had my feathers ruffled and my heart insulted the other day when a coworker, who also used to live in the South, called me a Yankee.  I had to hold back my anger when I let him know I would never be referred to as a Yankee again.  That night I wondered if he would childishly use this insult on an ongoing basis, but when I returned to work I believe he had realized he had gone too far.

Hearing the words of Jake Horsley’s music soothed away the pains of resentment from the insult and overwhelmed me with a renewed love for my Dixie.  Please take the time to check out his music for yourself, it is definitely worth it.  Deo Vindice!


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