“A republic if you can keep it”

20 Dec

Benjamin Franklin told us, for all time, we are a Republic; if we can keep it.  What legacy have we been given, and what legacy are we giving our children?  Has our Republic been preserved?  What have we done to preserve it?  These are questions we should be asking ourselves and the answers should not please us. 

When our own government and media purposely, and naively, undermine our Republic by saying we are a Democracy there should be an outcry; but there is not.  Once again the Yankee is diluting and brainwashing not only our children, but ourselves.  The biggest problem we face now is that we are not dealing with the same Yankees as those before us, they have become socialists and communists and they want to wipe out conservatism, the  Southron Heritage, and every trace of the  Southron people. 

They are attempting to wipe out everything that God blessed us with and everything our Founding Fathers suffered so much for; our Republic.  Are we going to hand it over with a whimper or are we going to take it back and make it strong again? 

A Republic – A government not headed by a monarch or dictator in which the power rests in its citizens who exercise that power by voting.

A Democracy – A government where the majority rules unrestricted by any law, also known as mob rule, and dictates how the minority will live.

We were given a Republic do we really want to live in a Democracy?  That is where your government is trying to go with all the bailouts and corporate take overs and big government programs and spending.


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