Update In The Eve Carson Case

28 Jun

Well, after all the vile attacks against Eve Carson claiming “White Flaunt” in an attempt to justify what these two thugs did to Eve Carson we now know that they invaded her home and kidnapped her unprovoked.  This is no surprise to most of us, but it shows, yet again, that racism is alive and well.  This innocent woman was slandered simply because she was white and the murdering thugs were black.  If the race of the victim and the thugs were reversed, it would be all over the news daily and charges of hate crime would have been filed.  This just illustrates the double standard that we have allowed to be inflicted upon ourselves because of misplaced white guilt.

I have no doubt that this young woman lost her life because every day Americans are too worried with being called racist or offending someone to actually stand up and demand that instead of coddling the thuggish behavior that we condemn it and demand this be changed and all the excuses are just that, and part of the problem.  We are supposed to find out next week the autopsy results, which will show if there was sexual assault, apparently there appears to be some circumstantial evidence there was.  Let’s remember her family and keep them in prayer.  Click here for Fox News’ update on the case.

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