The Land Of The Free? Your Freedom Is Under Attack – What Are You Going To Do About it?

25 Jun

We are living in a time where America The Land Of The Free is a forbiden dream that liberals are bent on wiping out of existence.  Like the Reconstruction of our beloved Dixie our values, our religion, our freedom, and our very lives are under attack by an enemy who will never be satisfied until it all disappears from under the sun. 

They change our Constitution, change our laws, rob us through burdensome taxes, take away our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, our right to arms to defend ourselves, open our borders to enemies and infiltrators, indoctrinate our children, and destroy our families.  Even our so called democracy through elections has been taken away.  They change rules for primaries so they favor liberals, take away votes from entire states, institute policies that allow illegals to vote in our elections, and push liberal candidates down our throats that would never be acceptable to a Conservative. 

If we speak out in defense of our rights we are called bigots, liers, and racists.  How many freedoms did our Forefathers give up before they tired of being slaves to a tyrinical government oppressing them out of existence?  How long are we going to allow an immoral and insatiably destructive minority to destroy our Republic?  How many Bush’s, McCain’s and Obama’s do we have to suffer through before we demand real conservative candidates?  How long are we going to allow our own government to take away our religious freedoms only to give them to anyone who is not Christian or Jewish?  How long will we allow them to sever us from our children and corrupt their innocence?  How long will we allow the mass slaughter of our unborn right under our God’s eyes? How long will we allow our government to persecute border agents while allowing open borders and taking away our jobs and giving them to foreigners? 

Too many questions?  Then do something about it!  Stand up for God, your Country, and your family and use your vote to put Conservatives back in power or give up your freedom and life now and save your self the suffering that will surely be at the horizon.  We must not give in to complacency and tolerance of the enemy or we will surely become as they are even against our own will.  If we do not clean out the gluttonous, mendacious, and egocentric leadership who dare to claim themselves as Republicans and replace them at all levels every chance we get then we will be handing our children a future that may not be worth one single breath of air.  

Parents say they want their children to have better lives than they themselves had, but are you willing to do what it takes to give it to them?  Or will you cover your eyes and deceive your self that you are free?


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