Catholic Faith Or Catholic Cult – Which Do You Serve?

24 Jun

I just needed to get something off my chest.  Why is it that the Catholic Church tolerates the infiltration of the cult of secularism?  We have become a Church split by unbelievers; those who wish to change our faith and force us to tolerate their immorality.  Those who push women Priests, gay Priests, acceptance of abortion, offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants and many, many more abhorations against God and his Church.  

Satan has always attempted to impersonate God and to pervert God’s creation with his own twisted version.  The Church is our foundation upon God himself and Satan, his demons, and the evil and destruction that follows them is seeping into every weak spot they can find compromising the very structural integrity of our very faith.  This should not be happening, we are the Church established by God himself. 

If there are those who wish to claim they are Catholic, but insist on corrupting the faith then they should leave, either willingly or by excommunication, and embrace the cult they truly are.  Why is it that we feel we can invite Satan into our midst and change him with love and truth?  Why is it that history has not taught us that the only outcome of this action is that Satan slowly, but surely taints and destroys the young and weak. 

My call and plea is that the Church makes a strong, but compassionate stand and call the flock back to the true faith and cut off the wolves of secularism for good.  Is it not better to lose a limb than to die from a gangrenous infection?  We must not tolerate the perversion of our faith or we risk losing our way without ever even knowing it.


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2 responses to “Catholic Faith Or Catholic Cult – Which Do You Serve?

  1. D. Cassidy

    June 24, 2008 at 10:16 PM

    Excellent post! Would Satan be attacking the Church so fiercely were she not the True Church — One, Holy. Catholic and Apostolic?

  2. Dixie 1

    June 25, 2008 at 12:30 PM

    I agree. Satan always attacks and attempts to corrupt and destroy all that is good, holy, and Godly. Being the Church of his foundation makes the Catholic Church a major thorn in Satan’s side that he will stop at nothing to bring down. We must remove the infection of secularism from the Church before it spreads too far.


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