God Bless The History

08 May

Yesterday, March 25th, 2008, the History Channel aired a series on Camp Douglas, the 80 acres of Hell, and also Camp Andersonville. For those who always ask the question about why we in the South continue to fight a war that has long since passed; they should not have missed this series. I am somewhat surprised and absolutely proud of the History Channels almost complete exoneration of Major Henry Wirz. Major Wirz was the only Confederate official to have been tried and hanged for his complicity in the War Between the States, and his refusal to accept a deal that would have put the Honorable Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee in the Yankee hands who conducted the shameful military tribunal that took his life, also speak volumes for his impeccable character. Even the staunchest supporters of the Union would have finally been exposed to the true criminality of those like U. Grant that clearly exposed his complicity in the tragic circumstances that caused the deaths of his own men at Andersonville. Grant and Union General Hooker knew very well about the perjury of their witnesses against Major Wirz, to include the one who gave the most damning testimony against Wirz; he wasn’t even at Andersonville. Grant who responded when asked why he had not set free his slaves after the war, responded, that good help was hard to find, and then he took his station as the President of the United States. If anybody should have been put on trial for war crimes, it should have been Colonel Sweet, the Commandant of Camp Douglas, William T. Sherman and a host of others including Grant that I would surely get into deep trouble for calling out their names. For those who always claim that there were no Black Confederates, the History Channel clearly showed the pictures of how they were immediately shot and left in pools of their blood why rats ate them as they lie dead or dying at Camp Douglas.  [more]

I watched this program and was pleasantly surprised with the fairness.  I think this can be directly attributed to all of our Southron Patriots who have been standing up and fighting for true history. 


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