Don’t Mess With Texas – Has The Dog Lost Its Bite?

04 May

Don’t mess with Texas!  Unless you are a liberal RINO, an illegal immigrant, a socialist, or you are pro North American Union.  These individuals have found a safe haven in the Lone Star State as they have discovered that there are no teeth behind the menacing growl “Don’t mess with Texas!”. 

From a Lone Star prodigal to those still basking in the warm sun and beautiful bluebonnets of Texas please take this observation as a plea:  Don’t let them take the fight out of you.  Too long have they invaded our land, our government, and our freedoms.  Slowly they have held out the bone of liberalism in one hand, while reaching around with the other hand and stealing away everything we hold dear.  They have trampled our precious yellow rose and taunt and dare us to do anything about it. 

This is not a personal attack.  I love my beautiful Texas.  Because Texas will always be in my heart no matter where life sends me, I never want to see her change or lose her fight.  We are being invaded by liberals, illegals, socialists and criminals; what are we going to do about it?  Thanks to the betrayal of the open borders agenda of the Bush administration and Governor Perry, Mexico is slowly taking Texas back without having to fire one shot!  And, the socialist liberals are waiting on the side lines to offer their remedy.  Show them why they should not mess with Texas!


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