All We Have Known…..

04 May

and been taught about the Civil War has been a misrepresented and perverted history. This video is one of my favorites. Let’s go beyond the hate and misrepresentations and open ourselves to what really happened. The first step to recovery is admitting the problem. The problem: The South had a constitutional right to secede, attempted to peacefully exercised that right, and when threatened by invasion defended herself (as any nation would). They seceded for many reasons, one of the leading being the oppressive protective tariff burden put on them by the politically dominate North. The solution: State’s Rights above all else. A legitimate government does not dominate or subjugate its citizens, but exists to protect them and their freedom. If that protection dominates or takes away even one freedom then that government ceases to be legitimate. The Northern response that the Civil War was about slavery was illegitimized by those citizens and political leaders in the North who owned slaves and refused to give them up until forced to.

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