Southern Civilians Under Fire

18 Apr

2 November 2002
by Rev. Tim Manning, Sr.

“Generosity and fairness dictate that we forget the past with all of its real, perceived and imagined wrongs. We cannot change the past. We can only live for today. Each day is a fresh new day and can be lived without the blame, guilt and baggage of our yesterdays. In most respects the past is an unwanted burden. To be fair we must begin each day with a new and clean slate. We have too little time to be spinning our wheels over yesterdays ground. Yesterday is a cancelled check. We must live for today and look to tomorrow with great hope and confidence….” Does this sound good to you?

This is actually the approach of communists, socialists and social deconstructionists and unfortunately is the attitude most of our children have about studying and learning from history. Frederick Wilhelmson summed-up today’s attitudes with these words, “history is no longer a category of the consciousness.” Amnesia is now considered the chief quality of social and historical value and global significance. They say we cannot permit today’s problems and challenges to be muddled-up by yesterday’s experiences. “Who we are” is the sum total of our memories. My memory is me. To ignore my past is to not know or care who I am. This is a personal form of character and cultural homicide. For me to cooperate in this effort is suicide.
History is a rehearsal of our individual and communities past and past memories. M.E. Bradford wrote a wonderful book titled Remembering Who We Are. The title is not “Remembering Who We Were.” Remembering the past, remembering who we are is that essential element that makes life a continuum and what makes us capable of having a culture. A second benefit in remembering the past is that it supplies the material for the faculties we call reason and conscience. The better our memory of the past, the better is the possibility of a higher level of intelligence; that is, the ability to perceive things for what they are and to grasp their relationship in a proper perspective. Without reason and conscience there is no civilization. Man becomes like the animals making constant war on those around him the way the strong devour the weak. In that society might always makes right. What is right is defined by who survives and, of course, they are the ones remaining to write the history.
Intellectuality rests upon our power to recall, recollect, and associate things not present or things only suggested by what is present. Consciousness is largely memory. An attack on memory is an attack on the cognitive abilities, an attack on man’s mind in an effort to re-form his thinking3/4we call this “brainwashing.”


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