Jefferson Davis – Our Greatest Hero

07 Apr

By Dr. Grady McWhiney
League of the South
National Director

During and after the War for Southern Independence, Jefferson Davis was accused of a wide variety of villainies. Not all of his accusers were Yankees, but Northerners made the most extensive and lasting attacks upon Davis. In one of these insults — a letter embossed with an American eagle crushing “Secession” and holding proudly in its beak a U.S. banner announcing “Death to Traitors” — a New Yorker wrote: “Jeff Davis you rebel traitor here is the beauty of America one of the greatest treasures that ever waved over your sinful head. Now I want you to look at this motto and think of me for — say death to cession [sic] and death to all traitors to their country and these are my sentiments exactly. Yours not with respect for I can never respect a traitor to his Country a cursed traitor.” The same view of Davis as being “among the archtraitors in our annals” was expressed just as emphatically years later by Theodore Roosevelt and Harvard University Professor Albert T. Perkins.  [more]

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