Main Stream Media Continues It’s Vicious And False Assault On The Confederacy And Southern Heritage

03 Apr

 The part that discusses Confederate History Month starts at 4 minutes into the video.  I was actually shocked at the ignorance and bigoted attack on our Heritage and History.  I am tired of lazy liberals who don’t care to learn what really happened before, during and after the Civil War.  For anyone to even suggest that we should not honor our heritage is racist in its self.  To equal or tie together slavery and the Confederacy and allow that to be the only interpretation or to state that the Civil War was about slavery is not only a incorrect it is the liberals’ excuse to practice hate against an entire people.  Isn’t it funny how liberals can be completely and openly racist while pinning the label on someone else.  They don’t want you to know the truth; the North taxed the South mercilessly, they refused to allow the South to exercise their legal right to secede, they were the aggressors, they were the dictators, they were the one shooting blacks for serving in the Confederate Army as traitors, they were the ones locking up their own people for sympathizing with the South and speaking out against Lincoln’s atrocities in the name of big business and they were the ones who plundered, killed and raped Southerners during the war and reconstruction.  This is why we need to honor Confederate History Month and keep the truth alive.

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