Are You An Authentic White Person?

02 Apr

Nancy Morgan
March 24, 2008

Are you an authentic white person? For the answer to that, we need to go to the current authentic black community. They are the ones who define who is and who is not an authentic member of their race. Be they black or white. (Since Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., have not yet amassed political clout, they’re excluded from being categorised by their skin color.)

The reigning Black elite have decided that authentic ‘typical white people’ are inherently racist. As Obama so blithely stated, this prejudice is inbred and rears its ugly head every time a white encounters a black. For those whites who believe reparations to date, in the form of trillions of dollars, affirmative action, special dispensations and a color-coded justice system, have adequately addressed the shame of their ancestors’ sin of slavery, well, it hasn’t. We are informed that racial prejudice is still rampant in American society. If you don’t see it, its because it has taken the more insidious form of ‘institutional racism.’

Not to worry, Obama assures us we can change. Phew. Just elect him President, and by virtue of the moral authority inherent in his skin color, he will kindly inform and advise his fellow Americans, excuse me, his fellow white americans, on the proper obeisance and reparations due all black people. Oops, I meant, all ‘authentic’ black people. Uncle Toms like Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, and other successful black people who succeeded on their own merit are not ‘authentic,’ and most decidedly not representative of the oppressed black community. [more]

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