Another Brave American Charged With Hate Crime? – It Could Happen

13 Mar

Debate Brews After Business Owner Asks Customer for Citizenship

Updated: March 12, 2008 06:17 PM CDT

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – (WPRI) — Racist or watchdog? A debate is brewing after a local business owner refused to sell parts to a customer who refused to prove he is an American citizen.

Now, the Attorney General’s Office is being asked to investigate if the owner committed a hate crime. David Richardson owns a heating supply business in Providence. He was making a sale to two men, one of whom wasn’t speaking English. Which set him off.  [more]

My Thoughts:

Note that they may consider this a HATE CRIME!  Since when is national security, border security, law enforcement and good citizenship a hate crime?  This is what happens when liberals start making policies and taking away your rights.  Afterall, a conservative would never betray their country or its citizens over an illegal immigrant who is criminally in this country.  That used to be considered a traitorous act and this illegal invasion would have been considered an act of war once upon a time.


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3 responses to “Another Brave American Charged With Hate Crime? – It Could Happen

  1. nino

    March 14, 2008 at 1:44 AM

    when my dad at age left socialist Italy last century he had to know someone here..go to Ellis island ,take a physical mom later on came same thing..they met and here I am..he fougth for this naiion so has his sons…what freedom we had we are losing…more and more who come here,europe and latino and asia feel that a dictatorship can be benevolent!!! so they vote for evil corporate clones who will give the dictatorship but not be nice about it…

  2. Irish Lone Star

    March 14, 2008 at 3:26 PM

    My family migrated to America generations ago, legally. My Irish ancestors went through many hardships (like your family) to get here, I am sure. This is why the illegal immigration issue is so important.

    People, like your family, who will work hard to come here and become a part of this nation, are the type of people we want to migrate to America.

    Someone who would rather break our laws (and in some cases commit violent crimes) to come here and continue to knowingly break our laws to work, get a home and even obtain public assistance are not only the wrong type of people, they are infiltrators committing acts of war through their invasion of a foreign country (America).

    Now our government panders to them by taking away our rights and giving them to the illegal aliens. How long do they think people will put up with losing their rights, with losing their children and loved ones to violence by illegal aliens, or to being terrorized by gangs from Mexico?

    Granted, not all illegals are violent, but they are all criminals breaking our laws by simply being here. Those who truly want a better life by becoming an American are those still in line to get here legally.

    You are right about dictatorships being voted in by blinded, lazy people. Look at how Hitler came to power. You would think we would learn from history.

  3. mrcfunds

    March 31, 2008 at 6:15 PM

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    My state Louisiana was hit hard by hurricane Katrina and hundreds of illegal aliens moved into our community took away jobs that we Americans were ready to do, and now crime has gone thru the roof. I am sick and tired of these people in my neighborhood and hanging out on our street corners. WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!

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    Thank you,
    Richie Collins

    Take Back Our Country


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